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Precinct 7 Programs and Services

Harris County Precinct 7 is spread out over 94.57 miles with an estimated population of over 400,000 residents.  It is home to three (3) major universities, the Texas Medical Center, a Metropolitan Transit Center, numerous shopping malls, new high-tech sporting arenas, and many city and county parks. With such a large and diverse constituency, it has been the 
objective of Constable May Walker to develop and implement  innovative programs to better serve and protect area neighborhoods, schools and businesses.  Services provided by Precinct 7 include:

Crime Victims Assistance Program

The Precinct 7 Crime Victims Assistance Program is governed by the Crime Victim Assistance Act and Regulations. Under the act, victims injured as a result of certain crimes, immediate family members of an injured or deceased victim and some witnesses may be eligible for free services, financial assistance, or benefits. For more information call, Pct. 7 Victims Assistance  (713)643-6773.

Environmental Deputy Program

Harris County Constable May Walker appointed a Precinct 7 Deputy to work closely with the City of Houston Neighborhood Protection Program to monitor: trash dumping, high weeds, graffiti, abandoned cars and houses, and other nuisances in the community. Eligibility: All residents of Pct. 7 call (713)643-6118 ext 150.

Senior Inspection Program

This program provides a basic home security check for senior citizens.  We point out the importance of having adequate door locks,  window locks, working smoke detectors, and working carbon monoxide detectors. Eligibility: All senior citizens 65 or older in Precinct 7.

Senior Citizen Hotline

Volunteers staff the Hotline and place daily calls to Seniors in Precinct 7 to make sure they feel safe and to let them know they are not forgotten.  This program provides an opportunity for concerned citizens to call in and identify seniors who may have serious problems or concerns.  Senior Citizen Hotline PH (713)643-6118 Ext 155.

Patrol Alert

To report criminal activity or request that we pay specific attention to any on-going nuisance or anything that might seem suspicious and out of the ordinary residents can visit the Precinct 7 website and fill out the computer generated patrol alert form or  call 713-643-6602. For  emergencies,  call 911.

Vacation Watch

This is another free service that Precinct 7 provides to area residents to help prevent burglaries or break-ins while away from their homes for extended periods. Also found on the Precinct 7 website. 

Precinct 7- Ending Violence Against Women

Get Help for Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault 

If you or a loved one are enduring or have encountered  physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological abuse, it is important to understand, that abuse of any kind  is part of a cycle that rarely has a positive ending. Do not ignore it. It will not go away.

Help is just a phone call away.  Call Harris County Precinct 7 Victims Services and get the help you need.

Precinct 7 Crimes Victims Assistance Program 

Constable May Walker - Dedicated to Making Precinct 7 a Safer Place to Live and Work

Since being elected Constable of Harris County Precinct 7 in 2004, I have been working hard to fulfill the promise of bringing integrity, accountability, professionalism, a new philosophy, fresh ideas, and innovative programs to this office. Thanks to your support I have been able to accomplish my commitment to serving the community while promoting honor and moral strength in law enforcement.

It is truly exciting to see something that you have nurtured and cultivated, grow and flourish beyond your expectations. During my administration my staff and I successfully added several programs that help promote public safety; like the Precinct 7 Sex Offenders Unit and the Street Gang Unit.  Also, an accomplishment was our utilization of updated technology like the new license plate reader which led to the recovery of dozens of stolen vehicles.  Most importantly, we significantly increased participation in public outreach and community service efforts.

Not only did we continue with the development and implementation of new programs, in 2008, Precinct 7 embarked upon new territory by signing a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Houston Police Department.  This partnership has allowed us to provide an additional service to the community by issuing city ordinance citations.  We concentrated on putting an end to eighteen-wheelers parking in our neighborhoods.

I truly appreciate members of the Precinct 7 community and our contract participants for having confidence in this agency to allow us to serve you for three terms. We are truly looking forward to providing you with an even higher level of service in the coming years.

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